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Climate for Change


Climate for Change is a volunteer-powered not-for-profit that empowers everyday Australians to have better conversations about climate change.

It is not knowledge of climate change, nor solutions to it, that we lack – it is the social and political will to implement those solutions with the speed and scale needed to avert catastrophe. 

Climate for Change’s mission is to change that: to create the social climate in Australia for effective action on climate change. 


They do this through Climate Conversations, which use the party plan model made famous by Tupperware® to facilitate discussions about climate change in people’s homes, among peers. This model of engagement is unique within the climate movement and has proven extraordinarily effective in engaging new audiences at both depth and scale.


Climate for Change is based in Melbourne, but has facilitated Climate Conversations in VIC, QLD, NSW, SA, TAS, ACT, NT, and even Fiji. 


In October 2020, Energy Terrain attended Climate for Change’s Online-A-Thon, an online launch of their annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. There, we were able to partake in interactive entertainment including musical performance, online cooking tutorials and stand-up comedy. Following this, we participated in Climate Conversations, encouraging attendee engagement, and fundraising to expand Climate for Change's reach. One of our team members has since been inspired to pursue continuous volunteer involvement with Climate for Change into the foreseeable future, which we're excited to see. 

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