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More Cash Flow

Our Solar PPA rate (c/kWh) is 50% lower than their current retailer peak price.

Zero Investment

No upfront costs. We install operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Cope Dairy Farm is in Control

We provide energy price certainty for an agreed term that works for their business.

Environmentally Responsible

Reduced 10 tonnes of CO2 annually, equivalent to taking 4 cars off Australian roads for 365 days.

Image by Monika Kubala

Cope Dairy Farm

Middle Tarwin

RJ & LA Cope Dairy is a husband and wife run dairy farm situated in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. With a 385 cow herd, the couple were looking for an environmentally responsible way to reduce their electricity bills. 

Based on their past energy consumption profile, we designed a 10.56kW solar system that met 13% of their total energy needs. The energy consumed by this system is supplied to Cope Dairy at a Solar PPA rate that was 50% lower than their current peak retailer rate.



Cope Dairy Farm




Lagoon Equipment Transparent.png

Energy Terrain will supply Cope Dairy with low cost, clean energy for 15 years without upfront costs. Throughout these 15 years, Energy Terrain will take care of system maintenance and efficiency optimisation, allowing the Cope couple to do what they do best and produce premium Gippsland dairy.

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