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Image by Monika Kubala

Dairy Farming 

Leading our early successes, Energy Terrain has built a rich body of experience freeing dairy farmers from a sole reliance on energy from the energy grid.  Depending on the nuance of farm operational variations, our solution (in its simplest structure) can supply farmers with 20-30% of their annual energy supply, at lower rates than grid supplied energy, without any capital being required.  Applying sensible structures to size and clever scenario management our solution will maximise the on-farm use of our sunshine power, increasing the financial value to the business.

Hassle Free

On average, around a quarter of our client’s total energy needs can be transitioned to solar for up to 20 years with no maintenance headaches.

Improved Cashflow

With energy rates a third cheaper than peak retailer rates, we’ve helped our clients lower their energy costs by around $5,000 per year.

Low Carbon Footprint

 In total, we’ve helped our clients in the industry reduce 72 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, equivalent to 29 cars off the road or 3,293 trees in our forests.

Future Protection

You can cancel anytime if something changes. Charges may apply or you can buy the solar system anytime.


Past Project
Perrett Dairy Farm

Lowering the cost of energy by up to 45% has been made easy for this family run dairy farm, with Energy Terrain's Solar PPA.

Past Project
Conheady Dairy Farm

Reducing the amount of CO2 with every drop of milk produced, Energy Terrain was able to offer a way to reduce costs and their carbon footprint with a Solar PPA.


Past Project
Cope Dairy Farm

RJ & LA Cope Dairy is a husband and wife run dairy farm situated in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. With a 385 cow herd, the couple were looking for an environmentally responsible way to reduce their electricity bills. 

Why Energy Terrain

  • Our rich body of experience within the industry can help you capitalise on your facility's lazy roof asset by tailoring a solar array best suited to your energy consumption.

  • Increase the affordability and sustainability of running highly specialised machinery and facilities with our low cost, clean Solar PPAs.

  • Our team will take care of the system maintenance throughout the term to keep your system working efficiently, lowering your energy costs and headaches.

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