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Data Storage 

The world has rapidly adopted the use of cloud based computing, expanding especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic period.  At the core of this infrastructure, are data storage centres, which have a consistent high demand for energy. They face increasing stakeholder pressure to improve operational sustainability. Our solution enhances facility power usage effectiveness and lowers its environmental impact, allowing businesses to compete strongly with global leaders on industry standards and allocate more resources towards higher value areas of the business.

Hassle Free Coverage

Our stable Solar PPA rates can help offset a significant proportion of your total energy needs, without any maintenance headaches.

Improved Cashflow

We sell the electricity from the solar system at 20 - 60% less than your energy retailers. No upfront costs. We install operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Low Carbon Footprint

Even for small data centres, our Solar PPA can reduce hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions from your facility.

Industry Best Practices

Upgrade your facility's energy efficiency to meet global standards and perform strongly on national ratings, competing with worldwide leaders in industry.

Why Energy Terrain

  • With sustainable efficiency gains to your facility, we can help upgrade the PUE of your facility towards the industry best practices of a 1.5 PUE.

  • Prepare your facility for NABERS assessment or improve your NABERS assessment towards industry best practices with our optimised solar array.

  • Our experienced team will monitor and maintain your system throughout the term to maximise yield and efficiency, free of charge.

  • Consolidate stable low electricity rates and reduce the operational cost of your facility long term.

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