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What is an energy audit?

Energy audits involve inspecting the site's current energy usage to better understand their usage patterns and determine ways in which energy usage can be optimised.

They provide a way to benchmark your energy consumption, allowing you to generate valuable energy efficiency certificates when you lower your consumption by following audit recommendations.



We understand how difficult it may be to find the right people to speak to.. At Energy Terrain, we will identify an auditor with the appropriate equipment and processes for your business. We will also ensure to bring additional skills and expertise in lowering the costs of your energy usage.

Let us simplify your journey to becoming a low carbon emissions business. 


Become more energy efficient 

We will help you identify areas where energy is wasted.   

Understand your energy usage

Gain insights on your energy consumption and usage patterns. 

New energy solutions 

We provide recommendatons to improve your business' energy efficiency and identify new opportunities for future improvements.

Gain access to savings on your energy bill

Reducing your energy consumption through efficiency will result in lower energy costs.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Avoiding unnecessary energy usage will result in lower emisions for your business. 

Future protection and safety

We can improve the lifespan of equipment in your facility and identify potential safety concerns with electrical systems.

Is an energy audit for me?

Energy audits are useful for businesses wanting to gain a better understanding of their energy usage patterns or looking to reduce their consumption and costs. This may be helpful for businesses that are unsure of their current equipment that is contributing to their unecessarily high energy consumption. By gaining insight into a business' energy flows, energy audits allow for the implementation of strategies and new technologies to minimise energy consumption and costs. In doing your business will become more energy efficient. 


Energy audits are also highly encouraged for businesses seeking to adopt renewable energy sources. As commercial solar power purchase agreement experts, we understand that not every business may have access to solar solutions or renewable energy sources. However, understanding ways to increase your business' energy efficiency and reduce wastage, can also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. 

There are various types of energy audits that can be suited to match your needs. These may include budget requirements, the depth of information and analysis of your consumption you are seeking, and the specifity of recommendations for managing your business' energy. If you would like to discuss a potential assessment or would like to address any queries, fill in the form below and we will contact you promptly.  

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Find out if you qualify for a free assessment to improve your business' energy efficiency and gain valuable savings by filling in the form below

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John M, Hornet Press

Energy Terrain has been a terrific partner for our business. We have been able to maintain our focus on our business while they take care of the rooftop solar energy generation.

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