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Enova Energy


Enova's not-for-profit branch, Enova Community, promotes the development and use of renewable energy whilst enhancing community welfare.

Enova Energy is Australia's first community-owned energy company which aims to decentralise distant, large-scale energy generation and instead integrate it into the local community through generating, storing, and sharing energy amongst individuals. This not only promotes self-sufficient regional energy networks, but capital relating to the service is circulated locally rather than into large corporate retailers. Enova's vision is to relieve energy poverty and economic stresses by motivating and aiding residents in their shift towards embracing renewable energy.

To emphasise its commitment to local renewable energy development, Enova has established their not-for-profit branch Enova Community through which 50% of Enova's profits are redistributed back into the community to help fund projects, education, and energy efficiency services. Some of their major projects include installing solar gardens on the rooftops of medium-sized businesses which helps to provide energy to those who cannot themselves host panel systems, and the McKenzie Lofts Project.

The McKenzie Lofts Project is a fit-for-purpose housing project which aims to construct 12 minimal-carbon footprint homes to enable accessibility to affordable housing for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The central feature of these buildings is the collection of rooftop solar panel systems. Energy Terrain contributed to the McKenzie Lofts Project in September 2020 by assisting in the research of funding opportunities to implement solar systems on the NSW housing project, as well as how Enova can reduce energy stress in low-income households. We were able to refer to various government renewable energy schemes and rebates to achieve this. Additional research was conducted regarding the possibility of investment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and crowdfunding. This research provided Enova with detailed insight into how they can progress the development of the McKenzie Lofts Project to further assist and support people experiencing financial and housing hardship. 

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