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Feeding the Chickens

Intensive Primary Production (Food) 

In modern agriculture and horticulture, intensive use of infrastructure is increasingly used.  Maximising output, quality and operating profits are key focuses.  Climate control infrastructure consumes constant levels of energy, demanding to be scrutinised to ensure the best possible energy sources are utilised at the lowest prices.  In selected sectors (eg: Poultry, Game, and Mushroom growing) our solution can activate lazy roof infrastructure, enhancing sustainability, and lowering input costs.  All without spending any capital.

Hassle Free

On average, our Solar PPA program can cover nearly 20% of our agricultural and horticultural client’s energy needs for up to 20 years, without maintenance headaches

Improved Cashflow

With Solar PPA rates around a third cheaper than peak retailer rates, we’ve helped our clients lower their energy costs by over $3,500 per annum.

Low Carbon Footprint

For a small 14kW solar system, we can help you reduce around 18 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to 8 cars off the roads or 817 trees our forests.

Future Protection

You can cancel anytime if something changes. Charges may apply or you can buy the solar system anytime.


Past Project
Tuki Trout Farm

The Tuki Trout Farm has been around for generations. By lowering their cost of energy with a Solar PPA they have chosen to contribute to the sustainable movement for generations to come.

Why Energy Terrain

  • Gain the ability to expand your facilities for improved integration and machinery with an additional energy source​.

  • Tap into the potential of your lazy roof asset on top on your facilities ideal for solar by transforming it into solar energy.

  • Energy Terrain will take care of system maintenance to maximise your system’s efficiency and minimise headaches.

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