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Kerfab Industries



Kerfab Industries is a wholly family owned business producing quality equipment for the agricultural, industrial, civil, and waste handling industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Since acquiring a solar PPA in 2020, Kerfab Industries have been able to gain access to savings on their energy bills whilst improving their environmental credentials. 

More Cash Flow

21% lower rate (c/kWh) from Solar PPA  compared to retailer peak price.

Zero Investment

No upfront costs. We install operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Quest Portland is in Control

We provide energy price certainty for an agreed term that works for their business.

Environmentally Responsible

36 tonnes of estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions.




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"We wanted a sensible way to incorporate solar renewable energy into our business. Energy Terrain's solution allowed us to achieve this without needing capital investment, which was great."

Vincent B, Quest Portland

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