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Pledge 1%


Pledge 1% is a global initiative which encourages corporate philanthropy. Businesses of all sizes and their employees are able to pledge 1% of their resources towards a cause of their choice. This may include 1% of an individual or entity's time, equity, profit, product, or any combination of these resources. 

As part of the pledge, companies are provided with a framework and consultation from Pledge 1% in order to establish and attain the pledger's philanthropic goals, as well as access to a number of events and resources to engage and integrate the Pledge 1% community. 

As part of our pledge, Energy Terrain's team members have dedicated 1% of their time towards nominated not-for-profit organisations. We are dedicated to benefitting not only our clients but also greater communities, both local and distant. In order to offer the greatest value to our nominated organisations and enhance Energy Terrain's vision of a world powered by renewables, we seek out volunteering opportunities in the solar and renewable energy industries. Our expertise and passion for a cleaner future are assets which we offer in addition to our time, and we are enthusiastic to share our knowledge with organisations in order to achieve their visions also. 

So far our contributions have been made through volunteer work involving community engagement, administrative duties, marketing, and project development. 

Discover more about what we have pledged 1% of our time to.

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