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A World Powered by Renewables: Our Commitment to the Energy Terrain Vision

Benefiting Communities 1% at a Time

Energy Terrain’s vision is to see a world powered by renewables. Our service in delivering Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Solar PPAs) allows businesses to share in this vision by reducing their operational carbon emissions. While we believe Solar PPAs are a great way to achieve this vision, Energy Terrain wants to go a step further and reach beyond our borders to accelerate the development of renewable energy. In order to support these different approaches to reducing carbon emissions, Energy Terrain has made a commitment to the Pledge 1% movement.

Pledge 1% logo

Pledge 1% is a global initiative which inspires corporate philanthropy in organisations of all sizes and industries. The objective of the pledge is to contribute 1% of a certain resource towards a cause of choice. These philanthropic contributions may be made in the form of equity, profit, product, employee time, or any combination of these resources.

The Energy Terrain team made the pledge in 2017 and since then each member has sought a not-for-profit cause of their choosing to which they can dedicate 1% of their time. We at Energy Terrain are passionate about improving the renewable energy systems available to communities both nationally and internationally. Our team members all enjoy dedicating their energy towards this goal outside of our efforts at Energy Terrain. We are therefore able to offer our expertise and enthusiasm as assets to these not-for-profit organisations in order to support their visions as well.


Renew logo

Renew is a residential, government, and industry sustainability consultant based in Australia which services those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Beyond their direct influence in communities, Renew also participates in social and environmental policy advocacy, and conducts research on energy, water, and transportation for the benefit of market consumers.

One of Renew’s major projects involves increasing local communities’ access to clean, renewable lighting and energy in Timor Leste. So far, solar energy has been supplied to more than 2,000 homes and 1,000 community centres, orphanages, schools, and hospitals. This has helped to not only reduce the villages’ carbon emissions, but also improved their local economies by providing training to over 180 technicians. These activities seek to cultivate independence within these communities.

Energy Terrain has partnered with Sassafras Group to assist in Renew’s Timor-Leste Plastic Plant Project. This is focused on improving a local plastic recycling plant’s efficiency. Currently, the energy required to operate the plant is limited to grid electricity which is only accessible during nighttime hours. The team is conducting a detailed solar system analysis in order to enable the plant to operate at full capacity during daylight hours, powered by clean energy. Our engineers are participating in the planning and optimisation of the plant’s solar system.


enova logo

Enova Energy is Australia’s first community-owned and managed energy company, which aims to decentralise distant, large-scale energy generation. They are opting instead for integrating the generating, storing, and sharing of solar energy into their local communities, thus promoting self-sufficiency and locally circulated capital. Enova’s vision is to relieve energy poverty and economic stresses by motivating and aiding residents in their shift towards embracing renewable energy.

Enova’s not-for-profit branch, Enova Community, receives 50% of the company’s profits in order to redistribute it back into the community to fund projects, education, and energy efficiency services. Some of their current projects include:

  • Installing solar gardens on medium-sized business rooftops in order to provide energy to those who cannot themselves host panel systems; and

  • The McKenzie Lofts Project fit-for-purpose clean housing project. The objective of this project is to construct 12 minimal-carbon footprint homes to enable accessibility to affordable housing for those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, which includes a collection of rooftop solar panel systems.

Energy Terrain has assisted in the research of funding opportunities and ways in which Enova can reduce energy stress in low-income households in order to progress the development of the McKenzie Lofts Project.

Climate for Change

climate for change logo

Climate for Change is an incorporated association and registered charity which is currently the only organisation in Australia specifically aligned to improve climate change discourse. They promote awareness for climate change by engaging in educational conversations within a range of communities. Their mission is to support a national shift towards sustainability and climate conscientiousness with the aid of community, business, and government unity.

The method of participating in informed conversation with peers regarding climate change is now considered to be a predominant variable in bringing about effective policy and behavioural improvements. Energy Terrain has been involved in Climate Conversations, for which Climate for Change is known, as well as encouraging seminar attendance, and fundraising efforts.


Energy Terrain is committed to seeing a world powered by renewable energy. When we say the world, we mean it. The only way to achieve this is by working with others. That is why we donate our time to organisations that are reaching out to all corners of the world to help make a positive difference for communities not yet able to achieve it for themselves. All so we can truly move towards a sustainable world.

Wind turbines in the mountains


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