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Solar Energy as part of the economy recovery post COVID-19 lockdown

The global pandemic has set in motion a cascade of events that has affected our everyday activities. Now, as the restrictions start to slowly lift around the country, the question remains on which will be the long-term consequences in the various fronts of our lives, and more specifically, how will renewable energy fit into the economic landscape, and should solar energy still be considered an essential service after COVID-19. 

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In response to COVID-19, the Clean Energy Council is requesting that the governments clearly recognise the essential nature of the construction/installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and energy storage including rooftop solar PV.

Why solar energy is essential

The renewable energy industry has not been excluded from Covid-19 consequences. Even though rooftop solar installations have been at a record-high through March and April according to Warwich Johnston, Author of Sunwiz, early signs are showing a slowing of interest in commercial rooftop solar, says Geoff Cope, our Chief Marketing Officer & Partnership Specialist .

Despite this, the bigger more pressing challenge of Australia’s energy provision is still present, and renewables still have an important role to play. As expressed by Clean Energy Council CEO, Kane Thornton, “Renewable Energy is in the unique position of being the only industry that can drive economic growth while reducing Australia’s emissions profile”.

Reducing costs and being more efficient will be vital in businesses survival and recovery as they pivot to new lifestyle conditions and take measures to re-open doors. Energy is one of the biggest costs for companies around the country, rooftop solar can produce savings from day one under the appropriate model. Through this period, solar systems have continued to harness the sun and generate clean, low-cost electricity to help small businesses reduce financial hardship.

Why is Solar Energy Essential

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Clean Savings

Solar energy offsets your carbon footprint and reduces your energy costs. It is an environmentally responsible pathway toward cost reduction.

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Low Contact

Solar systems installation and operation can be carried out with very little contact, it is mostly an outdoor activity. Through detailed planning, installers and business can both be protected according to social distancing and hygiene measures. The installation can be carried out smoothly outdoors and the system can be monitored remotely.

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Solar energy is a great fit for businesses and schools around the country who operate during daylight hours. Business owners can reduce their dependence on the electricity grid and save money at the same time, which can boost their recovery.

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Grid Support

The Australian energy industry faces challenges with the increasing energy demand. By switching to solar, businesses and households can support part of the load, reducing the risk for blackouts.

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Long Lifecycle

Solar panels have an average life expectancy of 25 years, and throughout that period they require low maintenance if monitored appropriately.

Solar PPAs boosting Businesses Recovery

There are different models to access solar energy, which you can read about in our article Three Ways to Access Solar Power, here is how Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Solar PPAs) can be part of that process.

Savings from the start

Solar PPAs allow Energy Terrain to sell electricity from solar systems to businesses at prices up to 60% lower than peak energy rates from electricity retailers.

No investment needed

There are no upfront costs involved. We install, operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Energy Security

Through a Solar PPA we make the commitment to sell you electricity at a known price for the period that works for your business, making it easy for you to know exactly how much you will be charged, bringing certainty in these uncertain times.

Low Contact Process

From the start, Energy Terrain will manage the installation and business owners can sit back and relax without worrying about social distancing.

Hassle free

We are committed to being part of the economic recovery. We take care of the operation of the system for the duration of the term, we will make sure everything is set up with your retailer and present all the paperwork involved, we also take care of inspections and repairs. Businesses can focus on their activities.

Solar energy can boost business recovery and allow Australia to comply with Paris Agreement commitments, therefore, it has an essential role in our economy and our environment.

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