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Schools and Education Centres 

Analysis of several school operations in different sectors has highlighted an ability to provide school management with 8-15% reductions in annual energy expenditure.  As important as these cost reductions are, our solution creates demonstrable evidence of a school community's commitment to reducing carbon emissions on our planet. The annual value benefit is the equivalent to 1-1.5 months of current spend.  We are proud of the value we offer the school sector, in the process releasing operational expenditure to be used for enhancing educational outcomes for students.

Hassle Free

For an average secondary school, a third of total energy consumed can be transitioned to solar, without maintenance headaches and hassle.

Improved Cashflow

From primary to tertiary education, our Solar PPA rates can be up to 50% cheaper than peak retailer rates, resulting in an 8%-15% reduction in energy costs.

Low Carbon Footprint

For an average secondary school, we can help the school reduce around 400 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 155 cars off the road and 6,972 trees in our forests.

Future Protection

You can cancel anytime if something changes. Charges may apply or you can buy the solar system anytime.

Why Energy Terrain

  • Demonstrate to the community of the school’s commitment to improving the outcomes of their children with clean and sustainable solar energy.

  • Free up financial resources for more important areas of the school with the energy cost reductions made with Energy Terrain’s Solar PPA.

  • Our team will take care of system maintenance and efficiency optimisation throughout the term to reduce energy costs for the school.

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