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Fully Maintained

No maintenance headaches. We take care of inspections and repairs.

Zero Investment

No upfront costs. We install operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

You are in Control

We provide energy price certainty for an agreed term that works for your business.

Low Cost Energy

We sell the electricity from the solar system at 20 - 60% less than your energy retailers.

Clean Energy

Our clean energy solar installations displace the fossil fuels used by large retailers.

Future Protection

You can cancel anytime if something changes. Charges may apply or you can buy the solar system anytime.

Forest Trees

Solar Power Purchase Agreements

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What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement?

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPAs) offer your business a simple and hassle free solution to accessing clean and lower cost electricity bills, with no upfront financial cost to you. We install, own and operate a solar system on your roof and sell you the energy it generates at a lower rate than what you pay from the grid. We sell renewable energy not solar systems!

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How a Solar Power Purchase Agreement Works

  1. We design a system that meets your needs, sourcing the best rebates and grants. From seeking, applying, to integrating these we take care of it all, ensuring a hassle free experience.

  2. We present the tailored solution to you

  3. Once you are happy an agreement is signed

  4. The solar system is installed 

  5. Start receiving clean and low cost energy

  6. You will receive two bills: Your Retailer + Energy Terrain

  7. At the end of the term, you can buy the system for $1

Why Energy Terrain

We established our business in 2017 with a team of people with experience in renewable energy projects totalling over $1b in value. Our mission is to simplify our customer's journey to becoming low carbon emissions businesses. We focus on businesses, reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Since we opened our doors we have deployed over 500kW of solar and helped avoid over 800 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 336 cars off the road.

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