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More Cash Flow

Our Solar PPA rate (c/kWh) is 32% lower than their current retailer peak price.

Zero Investment

No upfront costs. We install operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Conheady Dairy Farm is in Control

We provide energy price certainty for an agreed term that works for their business.

Environmentally Responsible

37 tonnes of estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions, equivalent to eliminating 15 cars off Australian roads for a year.

Image by Stijn te Strake

Conheady Dairy Farm


The Conheady Farm is a family run dairy located in Kolora, Victoria. Every day they milk during the early morning and after lunchtime. They wanted to reduce both, their energy bills and their carbon footprint. The Solar PPA model was particularly attractive to them because it ticked off all the boxes, lowering energy costs from day one, clean energy, no upfront investment and no headaches.

Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA) designed for the Conheady family takes into account the dairy energy consumption profile. We analysed their retailer bills and proposed a 30kW system. The energy consumed by this system is sold to them at a rate as much as 32% below their retailer peak rate. This enables them to shift their water heating load to sunshine hours and reduce their bill even further. 

They have signed up for low-cost, reliable, green energy for 20 years with no upfront costs. Through the duration of the agreement, Energy Terrain will operate and maintain the system, including any possible repairs. 



Conheady Dairy Farm





"As the (Solar PPA) stands, we only pay for the energy we use and the rest is exported to the grid. Our power bill has certainly reduced, we are getting a good price from Energy Terrain and payment from what is exported, plus it’s a help to the environment"

Conheady Dairy Farm, Owner

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