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Hospitality Solar Power Purchase Agreements

We have learned from several early clients the importance of having renewable energy involved in their hospitality products.  The ability to utilise a lazy asset (the roof) to showcase their commitment to renewable energy has not only lowered our clients' energy expenses, but also catered to the growing and diverse segment of customers looking to consume sustainably.  

Hassle Free Coverage

Based on past projects, we can transition a quarter of the energy hospitality businesses consume to solar for up to 20 years, without maintenance headaches.

Improved Cashflow

Based on past projects and industry analysis, Restaurants can reduce over 30% off their energy bill, while Accommodation Facilities can reduce around 20% in energy expense.

Low Carbon Footprint

Combined, we’ve helped businesses in the industry reduce nearly 100 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 47 cars off the road or 5,076 trees in our forests.

Future Protection

You can cancel anytime if something changes. Charges may apply or you can buy the solar system anytime.


Past Project
Quest Apartments Portland

In 2018, the owner of this Quest serviced apartment decided to take control of their electricity bills with Energy Terrain's Solar PPA, Solar as a Service.

Past Project
Lismore Hotel

We've helped Lismore Hotel lower their energy cost by over $5,000 every year, covering 67% of their total energy needs.


Why Energy Terrain

  • Offset the high cost of climate control during warmer months with high yield, low cost solar energy.

  • Add value to your business to attract the growing audience of customers looking to spend and consume sustainably. 

  • Our team will take care of system maintenance throughout the term to maximise efficiency for your business.

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